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Insight 7 | November 30, 2018
The benefits of using responsive web design
by Adishri

Life was simpler when web designers only had to worry about formatting sites for desktop computers. Most monitors and displays were easy to design for, and one size fit most. Then came the rise of the mobile web.

Since the dawn of the mobile web, one of the big debates was whether to design an adaptive, responsive site that would change to fit different portals or to design a standalone mobile site [known colloquially as m(dot) design for the familiar URL structure].

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Insight 6 | September 15, 2018
Trendy Ways of Enhancing Website Homepages
by Adishri

Images and videos are the most popular options when it comes to enhancing website homepages. But are they the only techniques that form strong first impressions and make websites stand out?

No one can argue with the fact that these stylistic choices are time-tested and crowd-proven methods. Nevertheless, they are not the only options capable of doing wonders with front pages. Thanks to constantly evolving web technologies, each year we witness fresh trends.

New tricks and so

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Insight 4 | June 30, 2018
20 Things Your Website Should Do and 5 Things It Shouldn’t
by Adishri

Is your small business website effectively pulling in visitors, keeping them around and converting them to customers? If your website is a little more than an online placeholder, it’s time to start putting it to work so you can grow your business and take advantage of the huge potential consumer base for the online market.

Today’s consumers are accessing your website from their desktops and laptops, and also

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Insight 5 | June 19, 2018
12 Common Reasons Why You're Not Attracting Customers to Your Website
by Adishri

Your business has a new, fresh website that you love. And that’s great.

But your business needs morethan just a website. Potential customers have to find your website, feel a need for what you’re selling and ultimately trust your business enough to spend their hard-earned money.


However, the first step, getting people to the website, is perhaps the most critical.

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Insight 2 | May 12, 2018
The 10 Most Common Mobile App Development Questions Answered
by Adishri

Mobile strategy, specifically mobile app development, is the first priority for many businesses. Bringing an app to market requires substantial research and strategic planning. When you begin the process, there are a number of questions you need to consider. Understanding the following ten questions will help guide your decision-making process and determine the appropriate mobile strategy to achieve your goals.

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Insight 3 | May 07, 2018
Bad Design vs. Good Design: 5 Examples We can Learn From
by Adishri

Looking at examples of bad design alongside counter-examples of good design is not only fun but also draws important lessons for designers. They highlight pitfalls for designers to avoid and let us understand how to translate design theories into solutions that work in the real world. Jared Spool, the American writer, researcher and usability expert, once said: “Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible. It’s only when it’s done poorly that we notice it.” So, let’s look

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